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Ag Summit marketing workshop with Beth Lewand of Cricket Creek Farm

This week, we’re highlighting the wonderful folks who will be presenting workshops and leading discussion groups at the Rural Commonwealth Ag Summit on Sunday, February 11. This free, one-day event will be held at Mohawk Trail Regional High School and is made possible with a grant from Greenfield Savings Bank. The ideas for sessions at the Summit came from the farmers, foresters, and wood product producers we met and interviewed for our Western Franklin County Business Report

Ag Business Marketing Workshop (9:30am – 10:30am)

Are you looking for ideas about how to market your ag business? If so, you’re not alone. Marketing assistance was one of top needs ag business owners mentioned when we conducted research for the West County Business Report last year.

During the first block of workshops (9:30am – 10:30am) at the Ag Summit on Sunday, February 11, Beth Lewand will share examples of the marketing tools she uses to get the word out about Williamstown-based Cricket Creek Farm. These tools include an engaging website, email newsletter, Facebook page with more than 4500 followers, and an Instagram account with more than 9500 followers. Beth also will answer your questions about ag business marketing.

Cricket Creek is a small, grass-based cow dairy which produces raw milk, artisanal cheese, beef and whey-fed pork. (They currently are milking 35 cows, with 80 animals total.) According to Beth, Cricket Creek’s “mission is to produce nourishing food that honors our animals, respects the land, and feeds our community; and to exemplify a sustainable model for small farm viability.”

Beth is the farm’s Operations Manager. Marketing and sales are among her responsibilities, along with managing creamery operations and events. She previously owned and operated a specialty food shop in Brooklyn, New York.


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